The Best Baklava

Prepare to immerse yourself in a baklava experience as we proudly proclaim that Hafiz Mustafa crafts the finest baklava in the world. With a legacy dating back to 1864, our century and a half of mastery have given us unparalleled expertise in this artful baklava baking.

At the heart of our success lies the Hafiz Mustafa Academy, where our baklava masters graduate with honors. Years of devoted craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to perfection are the prerequisites for achieving mastery in this esteemed institution. Each delicate layer of our baklava is a testament to the dedication our masters pour into their handicrafts.

A secret formula lies behind our baklava’s phyllo’s divine flavor and unmatched crispness. We meticulously combine four different flours sourced from select regions, a formula that remains safeguarded within our hallowed kitchen walls. This exquisite blend is the essence of the ethereal texture that separates our baklava.

With extraordinary precision, our masters delicately handcraft each baklava, layer by layer, until they are as thin as gossamer. The result is a mesmerizing phyllo so translucent and light that it seems to defy the laws of physics. This supreme skill, honed over generations, is an art form in its own right.

One of the essential secrets to our baklava’s unrivaled taste lies within the meticulously prepared sherbet. Our expert artisans have perfected the delicate balance of temperature and flavor, ensuring a harmonious union with every delectable bite. This secret formula adapts to the unique characteristics of each baklava variant, elevating the taste experience to sublime heights.

In our unwavering dedication to perfection, we eschew glucose syrup in our baklava. Instead, we draw upon the natural sweetness of beetroots, imparting a pure and exquisite taste that dances upon the tongue. This conscious choice avoids the unpleasant burning throat sensation that can diminish the enjoyment of baklavas.

Hafiz Mustafa baklava is a testament to our commitment to quality and tradition. Each piece is meticulously crafted with 40 layers of handcrafted phyllo, generously filled with organic pistachios or walnuts, and infused with the finest Turkish plain butter. The result is mouthwatering, tantalizing your taste buds and leaving you craving more.

Pistachio Twisted Roll Baklava


Walnut Square Baklava


We reserve only the finest organic buffalo milk for those fortunate enough to savor our baklavas adorned with cream (kaymak). This velvety kaymak enhances the indulgent experience, elevating our baklava to a realm of culinary excellence.

Regarding the ingredients we employ, we uphold the utmost commitment to quality. With a meticulous eye, our quality control departments and laboratories subject every ingredient to rigorous tests, ensuring that only the finest components make their way into our kitchen. From pistachios to walnuts, we source from trusted local producers, selecting them at the peak of their harvest to guarantee an unparalleled taste sensation.

Hafiz Mustafa’s pursuit of perfection does not stop at the ingredients; it permeates every step of our meticulous process. Our artisans tirelessly review and refine each detail, striving for nothing less than sheer brilliance in every bite. This unwavering dedication to our craft sets Hafiz Mustafa baklava in a league of its own, captivating the hearts and palates of connoisseurs worldwide.


Taste the symphony of flavors, textures, and craftsmanship that defines Hafiz Mustafa baklava – an unparalleled masterpiece that epitomizes the essence of baklava perfection.