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Hafiz Mustafa offers a variety of traditional Turkish delights made from time-honored recipes. Our delicately chewy treats are perfectly flavored and infused with pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, pomegranate, honey, fig, orange, lemon, kiwi, milk, mint, cinnamon, gum mastic, and many more delicious ingredients.

Our lokum, or Turkish delight, derives its name from the Arabic “rahat-ul hulkum,” which means “throat comfort.” With its wide range of ingredients and flavors, our lokum offers an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, Hafiz Mustafa’s mouthwatering delights are the perfect choice for you.

We make our Turkish delights fresh every day to ensure you get the best with every bite. Our delights are made using premium ingredients with no additives, colorants, preservatives, or artificial flavoring. Our Turkish delights are manufactured in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex, passing through strict food and safety standards, ensuring that you only taste the best of Turkey’s treats.

Choose from our four types of delights: WICK, AFYON, H.C, and PLAIN. Browse our delight category page to choose from our most delicious Turkish delights or evaluate our MIX DELIGHTS options.

Wick Delights

Experience the taste of our WICK Turkish delights with plenty of pistachios, hazelnut, and walnut, which we produce without losing our commitment to traditional culture and recipes. After our WICK Turkish delights, no delight will look the same to you anymore.

Afyon Delights

Inspired by the Afyon region, AFYON delight gains flavor when it comes out of the hands of skilled chefs. Hafiz Mustafa produces a wide variety of AFYON delight to suit all tastes.

H.C delights

Continuing to develop its delight flavors with each passing day, Hafiz Mustafa presents the unique taste of H.C delights, carefully prepared by the delight chefs for your liking buds.

Plain delights

With its soft filling and intensely flavored structure, our PLAIN Turkish delights have been the indispensable dessert of tea and coffee for centuries. You should definitely try our PLAIN Turkish delight, the oldest delight of traditional Turkish cuisine.