Assorted mixes


Assorted mixesDelish

Hafiz Mustafa baklavas owe their deliciousness to the high-quality raw ingredients we use and to the handcrafted skills of our chefs, who come directly from the specific regions where Baklava was introduced to the world. We address your palatal delight through the exclusive taste of our delicious crispy baklavas made from incredibly thin dough, the highest quality raw ingredients, and special plain butter.

You should try our wide variety of baklavas, produced by our Baklava Master Chefs and with quality ingredients meticulously harvested from their respective regions.


Baklava mix choicesFlavorful

Kadayif mix choicesIncomparable

Mixed box of Ottoman Milk Kadayif, Ottoman Pistachio Kadayif, and Ottoman Pomegranate Kadayif specially prepared by our chef. Pistachio, pomegranate and milk delights are sandwiched between two layers of delicious Hafiz Mustafa kayadif. Our handcrafted kadayifs will leave an unforgettable taste on your palate…

Delight mix choicesAmbrosial

Hafiz Mustafa Turkish delights are made from time-honored recipes. Our delights are delicately chewy treats, perfectly flavored and infused with the fascinating and sweet flavor of pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, pomegranate, honey, fig, orange, lemon, kiwi, milk, mint, cinnamon, gum mastic, and many more…




Turkish Delight