Baklava Storage Guide

At Hafiz Mustafa, we are the world’s leading baklava experts. We have been crafting the finest and most organic baklava for over a century and a half. Our 160+ years of experience guarantees that our kitchen remains free from glucose syrup, preservative chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and colorants. Our baklava is irresistibly delicious and the freshest and most natural you can find.

We know how important it is to store baklava and understand the baking process correctly. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the most frequently asked questions from our loyal baklava fans. These questions are about ensuring your baklava stays delicious for as long as possible.


Q: Does Baklava stale?

A: One of Hafiz Mustafa’s popular desserts, baklava, is frequently questioned regarding its shelf life. At Hafiz Mustafa, we ensure that our baklava maintains its freshness for a considerable period. It is crucial to store baklava under suitable conditions to preserve its flavor. While refrigeration is not recommended as it may affect the sherbet texture and taste, baklava can remain intact at room temperature for up to 7 days. It’s essential to store it in a cool and dry environment. If refrigeration becomes necessary, it can be kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Q: How many days does baklava last?

A: The longevity of baklava depends on the storage conditions. Hafiz Mustafa baklavas can retain their freshness for up to 7 days at room temperature in a non-humid and dry environment. To maintain its crunch and consistency, consuming it as soon as possible is advisable. After the 5th day, baklava may begin to lose its crunchy texture. It can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, although room temperature is recommended.

Q: How should baklava be stored?

A: Proper storage conditions are essential for preserving the quality of baklava. It should be kept in a cool and dry environment to prevent excessive sherbet absorption. Hot environments can accelerate the sugaring process, while frigid environments are not ideal for storing baklava. Store baklava in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 7 days for optimal freshness.

Q: How to tell if baklava is stale?

A: Identifying stale baklava involves observing its color, texture, and aroma changes. If the golden yellow color fades, the crunch diminishes, or you notice any abnormalities or unpleasant odors, it’s best to refrain from consuming it.

Q: Can chemical preservatives extend the shelf life of baklava?

A: While chemical preservatives can prolong the shelf life of baklava, at Hafiz Mustafa, we prioritize organic and natural ingredients. We firmly believe in offering our customers the finest quality baklava without compromising their health. Although organic products have a shorter shelf life, we encourage you to consume the baklava immediately after purchase to enjoy its authentic taste and freshness.

Hafiz Mustafa Baklava is the ultimate proof of our dedication to quality and tradition. Each piece is crafted with 40 layers of hand-made phyllo, filled with organic pistachios or walnuts, and infused with the finest Turkish butter. The result is irresistible, leaving you satisfied.

Assorted Baklava Box


Assorted Baklava Box