Baklava was an essential dessert in the Ottoman palaces, and our delicious baklavas result from our high-quality raw ingredients and the handcrafted skills of our chefs, who come from the regions where Baklava originated. Our crispy baklavas are made with thin dough, the finest ingredients, and special plain butter to delight your taste buds. We offer a wide variety of baklavas produced by our Baklava Master Chefs using meticulously harvested quality ingredients.

Remember to try our exquisite signature ALA Sauce with our baklavas. Our baklavas are made fresh daily and shipped promptly. We never use preservatives, additives, or colorants in our baklava, which means they have a shorter shelf life. After opening, they can last for 3-5 days at room temperature due to the milk used in the recipe. You can store them in the fridge or freezer for a longer lifetime. If refrigerated, you may need to heat them in the oven slightly, especially if the sugar is frozen. Unlike other brands, we prioritize quality over quantity and never compromise on taste by using preservatives or addictive substances.

Pistachio Baklavas

Layers of handcrafted baklava phyllo and Turkish pistachios are baked until golden and soaked in Hafiz Mustafa chef's secret sherbet. No glycose, no additives, no preservatives.

Walnut Baklavas

Delicious walnut baklava, prepared from plain butter and Turkish walnuts, sprinkled between layers of thin baklava phyllo and flavored with sugar beet.




Turkish Delight