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This Turkish delight category of ours is called H.C because of the initials of the Turkish expression ”Hindistan Cevizi” (Coconut). Since this expression is now identified with the Hafiz Mustafa brand, we have created this premium collection for you on request. Known as one of the significant parts of our delight collection, the most popular varieties of H.C Turkish delight are the double-roasted ones.

Scented with kiwi, orange, pomegranate, and milk; suffused with coconut powder; and filled with luscious pistachio, walnut, and hazelnut, they are just as delicious as any of the fancy Hafiz Mustafa sweets that are hard to resist.

As another time-honored Ottoman classic of Hafiz Mustafa, Turkish Delights are famous worldwide. They are timeless classics, and Picasso, Churchill, and Napoleon loved them.

Lokum has become an integral part of Turkish culture and is enjoyed daily with Turkish coffee or meetings. Savory Hafiz Mustafa delights have much to offer, and we suggest WICK, AFYON, HC, and PLAIN delights that people adore.

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Inspired by the Afyon region, AFYON delight gains flavor when it comes out of the hands of skilled chefs. Hafiz Mustafa produces a wide variety of AFYON delight to suit all tastes.

wick delights

Continuing to develop its delight flavors with each passing day, Hafiz Mustafa presents the unique taste of H.C delights, carefully prepared by the delight chefs for your liking buds.

Plain delights

With its soft filling and intensely flavored structure, our PLAIN Turkish delights have been the indispensable dessert of tea and coffee for centuries. You should definitely try oldest delight of traditional Turkish cuisine.