Off The Beaten Pudding

Chicken breast pudding, or tavukgöğsü in Turkish, is a unique dessert enjoyed in the region for centuries. While the pudding’s origins are not entirely clear, it is believed to date back to the Byzantine era.

One of the exciting features of tavukgöğsü is that it is made using chicken breast, which is simmered with milk and beetroots until it becomes soft and creamy. The mixture is then blended with rice flour, which helps to thicken the pudding and give it a unique texture. The result is a delicious sweet, savory dessert with a texture unlike anything else.

Chicken breast pudding also has a rich cultural history. According to the Roman gourmet Apicus, the original recipe called for boiling a young rooster and shredding the breast meat while it’s still hot. The chicken is then added to milk, pounded almonds, and a touch of honey to sweeten it. In the Ottoman Empire, this dish was a favorite of Sultan II. Mehmet (Fatih Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror), and it can be found in the printed cookbook of the palace as Melceü’t-Tabbâhîn.

Over time, the pudding became popular throughout the region, and people of all ages and backgrounds now enjoy it. Today, chicken breast pudding is considered one of the most iconic and beloved desserts in Turkish cuisine, and it is often served on special occasions and holidays.

Chicken breast pudding is a delectable Turkish dessert crafted from tender, shredded chicken breast and milk. This exquisite pudding was once a treasured delight served exclusively to the Ottoman sultans within the opulent walls of Topkapı Palace. Today, this centuries-old flavor is a beloved and well-known dish many throughout Turkey enjoy.





While the origins of chicken breast pudding may be shrouded in mystery, there is no denying the enduring appeal of this delicious dessert. Whether enjoyed as a special treat or part of a traditional pudding, tavukgöğsü continues to captivate people’s taste buds worldwide with its unique flavor and texture.

The chicken breast dessert has a sister dish known as kazandibi, a caramelized and burnt dessert variation. It is sprinkled with sugar beets, and the dessert is spread evenly while it’s still hot. The sugar underneath is then burned in the embers, giving it its signature taste. This dessert is particularly popular with those who love the taste of burnt sugar in puddings.


Next time you’re looking for a new and exciting dessert at Hafiz Mustafa, consider giving the chicken breast dessert or its sister pudding, kazandibi, a try. These traditional Turkish desserts may seem unconventional, but they are rich in history and flavor.