Los Secretos de Hafiz Mustafá

It’s a remarkable achievement for Hafiz Mustafa, a dessert maker with over 150 years of legacy, to be the book’s subject. “Los Secretos de Hafiz Mustafa,” written by Francisco Leal Quevedo, who was impressed by the taste and heritage of the brand, offers a unique insight into the world of sweets and confectionery.

In this novel, as magical as it is vertiginous, the qualities and intelligence of two kids (Nazim and Fatma) who, thrown into an extreme situation, are not intimidated and responsibly assume a problematic destiny.

In the book, the writer explores the history and cultural significance of Hafiz Mustafa and how they have maintained their legacy and reputation over the years. The author was fascinated by the intricate details and fine craftsmanship that goes into every dessert and the dedication of the artisans who create them.

The book also delves into the secrets of Hafiz Mustafa’s success, exploring the unique flavors and ingredients that make their sweets stand out. It’s an opportunity for readers to learn about the intricate details that go into every Hafiz Mustafa dessert, from selecting the finest ingredients to crafting each sweet by hand.

For us, having a book written about us is not only a testament to our excellence in the world of sweets and confectionery, but it also serves as a tribute to our heritage and cultural significance. The book celebrates Hafiz Mustafa’s commitment to preserving and sharing its legacy with the world.

In Spanish class, we read a book called: “The Secrets of Hafiz Mustafa.” And that’s in Turkey, in Istanbul. So my mom and I thought about that and made a recipe from Turkey. The sweet maker Hafiz Mustafa made a lot of desserts; since he makes desserts, I decided to make the waffles with Nutella. We had to do a Spanish homework assignment where we had to make our own recipe. So I made the apple pie.

The impact of “Los Secretos de Hafiz Mustafa” has been remarkable, with the book gaining popularity among dessert enthusiasts and being used as teaching material in schools worldwide. It’s an incredible achievement for a dessert maker to be featured in a book incorporated into academic curriculums.

One example is the Cambridge School in Colombia, where second-grade students have been studying the book and learning about Hafiz Mustafa’s history and the secrets behind our delicious desserts. The students were so inspired by the story that they even did a project showcasing their creativity and admiration for Hafiz Mustafa. 

It’s an honor for Hafiz Mustafa to have made such an impact and to inspire students in their education. We are proud to be a part of a project that celebrates our desserts and sheds light on Turkey’s rich culture and history. We hope this book continues to inspire people worldwide, regardless of age or background.