Hafiz Mustafa: A Legacy Intertwined with Turkiye’s Glorious 100-Year Journey

As Türkiye is celebrating its 100th anniversary, Hafiz Mustafa is proud to be an integral part of this historic journey. For over 160 years, our story has been intertwined with the nation’s, bearing witness to monumental events and contributing to the nation’s prosperity.

With a legacy spanning over 160 years, our narrative is interwoven with the fabric of Türkiye’s history. Through every pivotal moment, we have played a role, albeit a humble one, in shaping the remarkable journey of the Turkish Republic.

In our unique way, we have been cultural ambassadors, introducing the richness of our republic and the depth of our culture to the world. Our traditional Turkish delights, baklava, and confections have transcended borders, delighting the taste buds of individuals worldwide. As we continue to craft and share our delectable treasures, we are honored to play a part in spreading the essence of Turkish culture far and wide.

In 1923, a year of significance, the National War had just concluded, heralding a period of transformation. The Turkish Economic Congress was convened, setting the stage for pivotal economic decisions. Meanwhile, the proclamation of the Republic brought about a new era of governance, signifying a resolute step towards modernity and progress. Ankara, the heart of Anatolia, was chosen as the new capital, while Istanbul, the ancient capital, was liberated from occupation. The signing of the Treaty of Lausanne brought lasting peace after a turbulent war, and domestic and foreign policies were revamped.

On October 29, 1923, a momentous day etched in history, the Republic of Türkiye was officially proclaimed under the visionary leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. This day, Republic Day, has since become a cherished occasion celebrated with enthusiasm throughout the nation. Atatürk regarded this day as the most fabulous holiday, a sentiment he shared during the 10th Year Speech in 1933, commemorating the republic’s first decade.

Our pride is not merely in our age but in our commitment to complete our duties in the broader context of this historical tapestry. We have stood alongside the people of Türkiye through thick and thin, mirroring their resilience and determination. We have celebrated their triumphs and shared their sorrows. Our commitment to quality, tradition, and excellence echoes the values the Republic of Türkiye built upon.

The First Grand National Assembly of Türkiye

Hafiz Mustafa 1864 | Heritage

Proclamation of the Republic of Türkiye

Hafiz Mustafa 1864 | Legacy

Republic Day embodies the legacy left by Atatürk and symbolizes the Turkish people’s unity, solidarity, and social cohesion. It was born from the need to fill the administrative vacuum after the triumphant conclusion of the War of Independence. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his compatriots determined that a republic was the most fitting form of governance for the newly emerging Turkey. Thus, on October 29, 1923, the Republic was officially declared.

The journey towards the Republic had commenced years earlier when Mustafa Kemal Pasha arrived in Samsun on May 19, 1919, marking the beginning of an arduous but triumphant voyage. Congresses were organized in Erzurum and Sivas, and the clarion call for national sovereignty rang out. Mustafa Kemal Pasha’s resounding words, “There is only one sovereignty, and that is national sovereignty. The nation’s power will save the country again,” rallied the nation.

Representatives from across the nation converged in the Grand National Assembly in Ankara on April 23, 1920, electing Mustafa Kemal Pasha as their leader. Under his indomitable leadership, the National War of Independence was waged, with heroes from all corners of the land, from efes to seymens, bravely battling the enemy. The resolute battles at Inonu, Sakarya, and Dumlupinar secured the liberation of our homeland from the grip of occupation.


As the nation celebrates a century of resilience, progress, and unity, Hafiz Mustafa stands firm in our resolve to uphold our heritage while keeping its promise of the future. We join hands with the people of Türkiye in commemorating this momentous occasion, for our journey is forever intertwined with theirs, and our hearts beat in harmony with the spirit of the Turkish Republic. Together, we look ahead with optimism, embracing the lessons of the past and the boundless possibilities of the future as we continue to sweeten lives, one bite at a time…