Avni Ongurlar Receives Culture and Tourism Ambassador Award

IIn recognition of its historical contributions and cultural impact, Hafız Mustafa, a culinary institution since 1864, has been awarded the 2023 Culture and Tourism Ambassador of Turkey. Avni Ongurlar, Honorary President of Hafız Mustafa, expressed pride in receiving the award, highlighting the brand’s role as a savourer and guardian of cultural heritage.

The Turkey Tourism and Promotion Platform (TUTAP) annually administers prestigious recognition to individuals and entities that exemplify Turkey’s cultural and touristic values. Avni Ongurlar, this year’s honoree, represents the 160-year legacy of Hafız Mustafa, a brand that has become synonymous with Turkish national pride. Fikret Yıldız, Chairman of TUTAP, presented the award, underscoring Hafız Mustafa’s successful representation of Turkish culture and tourism.

Ongurlar emphasized the meaning of this award, saying, “Receiving this prestigious award is a sign of Hafız Mustafa’s respected position in Turkey and our contribution to promoting our country globally. Our brand is dedicated to preserving our ancestors’ confectionery recipes while creating the taste heritage of the future.”

He explained that for Hafız Mustafa to endure through the years, it is crucial to meet contemporary demands and act with foresight. Hafız Mustafa produces around 1,500 tonnes of desserts annually, taking Turkey’s traditional flavors to an international stage and meeting considerable demand at home and abroad”.

Ongurlar emphasized that Hafız Mustafa’s essence extends beyond flavors to being a custodian of cultural heritage. According to him, the brand is based on a strong commitment to its origins, respect for its historical heritage, and a forward-thinking approach. Hafız Mustafa strives to blend traditional flavors with modernity, providing a distinctive experience that keeps Istanbul’s rich culture and flavors alive.

Winning this prestigious award reflects Hafiz Mustafa’s esteemed position in Turkey and its meaningful contribution to showcasing the country on a global scale. Our brand is determined to honor the confectionery recipes of our ancestors while creating an appealing taste heritage for future generations to enjoy.

Avni Ongurlar & Fikret Yildiz

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Avni Ongurlar

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